SDSS is looking for you!

SDSS is looking for you!

The Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society (SDSS) is currently seeking individuals to fill vacancies on our Board of Directors. We are looking for self-advocateswith the diverse skills, background, expertise and experience necessary to support our mission: 'To enhance the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome and their families through advocacy, awareness and education to ensure full participation in their communities'. In order to meet the needs of the SDSS as a provincial organization, we are looking for individuals from across the province who have experience and would be willing to support the SDSS on one or more of the following committees:

Events - plan social, educational or networking opportunities around the province.

Communications - participate in making arrangements for awareness ads, community events, public service announcements, etc.

Education - offer support to educators and communities, advocate with and for people with Down syndrome and be involved in CDSAW events.

Fundraising - put your ideas and energy to work to help support your society.

New Parent - be involved in meeting and supporting new families, sharing information with the medical community and developing resources.

People With Down Syndrome- focusing on issues such as transitions, housing, adult health issues, employement and continued social inclusion.


Interested candidates are invited to fill out the SDSS Director Nomination Formand email it to

As stated in the SDSS policies, the purpose of the nomination committee is to ensure the sustainability of the SDSS and to ensure that our members have access to a fair process for nominations to the Board. Successful candidates will also be required to provide a Criminal Record Check following election to the Board of Directors.