Introducing Ellen!

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Introducing Ellen!
Board Work and Cooking Here is a favourite pizza recipe from fellow board member Thomas. We get together to work on our board and committee responsibilities. We like to combine our meetings with another passion of ours – cooking (and eating) great food – mostly vegan, often gluten free or low gluten and always delicious and nutritious! On the menu today – pizza! Last summer Thomas took a cooking course organized by the Regina Public Library Literacy Program. Alice Samcoe at the Library is doing great work to come up with new and interesting courses that build literacy skills. Our made-from-scratch pizza recipe came from this Cooking is Fun cookbook. A few special ingredients made our pizza extra good. The crust was made with locally grown 100 % whole grain spelt flour and the sauce was made with the last of my fresh garden tomatoes and fresh basil leaves snipped off the plant. The recipe makes two large pizzas.
Pizza Crust Ingredients
Knead Dough
Make sauce
Chop veggies - onion, zucchini, spinach, red pepper and broccoli. Saute veggies
Roll dough and put in pan.
Put on dough - tomato sauce. veggies, a big handful of kidney beans, Daiya shreds (vegan dairy free cheesy shreds), tomato slices and olives. Bake.
Bake and EAT!