The "R" Word

The "R" Word


“What’s wrong with retard? I don’t mean it about you or your child”?

The R- Word is EXCLUSIVE. It means you are talking about something outside the “in” group, about someone who is not your kind. It means left out.

You are saying someone with an intellectual disability is DUMB or STUPID. You are stereotyping everyone who has a developmental disability as having stupidity.

The R-word is INCORRECT. It makes people feel bad and it hurts

The R-word is DEROGETORY, it has become part of casual conversation, it describes anything negative or flawed. Even when you use it as slang and don’t mean it to be offensive it’s hurtful because it WILL always be associated with people who have disabilities.

The R-word is OFFENSIVE, it alienates and excludes. It offends people with disabilities, their families and those that support them.

The R-word is HATE speech. You may not realize you are promoting hate, but using the word dehumanizes people with disabilities.

When you use the R-word you do all these things;

You are offending Emmett, and others with disabilities, you are excluding them. You will make them feel bad about themselves; make them feel dumb and stupid.

You are using a word that is hateful and wrong.

ARE YOU REALLY THIS PERSON? We didn’t think so!!

Please stop saying the R-word. We know you can, make RESPECT your R-word.