Frequently Asked Questions

Did I cause my child to have Down syndrome?

No. Down syndrome is unrelated to genetics, socio-economic status, race or religion. Instead, it caused by a chromosomal variation - the cause of which is unknown.

Is my baby healthy?

Many babies with Down syndrome are perfectly healthy, but you will want your doctor to order some tests when he or she is a newborn.  Heart anomalies are one of the most common conditions that accompany Down syndrome. In addition, you should test for: gastrointestinal...
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How will my child be different from others?

First and foremost, try to recognize the ways in which your son or daughter is the same as other children. They all need love, attention and care. While Down syndrome is extremely complex: most children with Down syndrome are smaller on average many experience language, motor and...
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Do I have the ability to raise a child with Down syndrome?

All children require a significant investment of time and energy from their parents. If you entered parenthood with this expectation, then you are precisely the right person that your child with Down syndrome needs, and your son or daughter will be lucky to have you as a parent....
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