Members of the Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society devote their time and energy to ensure that the needs of the Down syndrome community are met. A number of different opportunities exist for you to help guide the SDSS towards meeting the goals and the mission of the organization. SDSS members have organized fundraising events, promoted conferences, developed advertising and brochures and presented to groups across the province.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss the activities of the organization. They identify opportunities and discuss potential areas of concern. Their role includes developing an annual strategic plan, building a viable organization and evaluation. The Board also works to comply with all internal and external laws and policies by holding an AGM, ensuring our accounting is complete and that a record is kept of all of our activities.  
Fund Development
The Fund Development Committee investigates and evaluates opportunities for the organization to access donations, sponsorships and endowments from organizations and individual donors. By evaluating opportunities and submitting proposals for funding on behalf of the SDSS, the Fund Development Committee ensures there are adequate resources to achieve our goals.
The Communications Committee is responsible for memberships, communication tools, newsletters and the website. Committee members develop communication materials and work with communications professionals to ensure that our organization is well represented and that accurate and up-to-date information on Down syndrome is available.
New Parents
One in every eight hundred babies born has Down syndrome. The SDSS is committed to ensuring that parents who learn that their child has Down syndrome are offered the up-to-date and accurate information and support that they require. The SDSS is developing a package so that parents receive current and factual information. This committee also connects with physicians, hospitals and new parent support centers to offer support and information to a larger group than we currently serve.

The Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society is dedicated to ensuring that all children with Down syndrome are provided high quality education. This committee responds to all requests for information about inclusive education, manages a resource library and organizes National Down Syndrome Awareness Week. This committee has also developed a presentation that can be sent to any individual wishing to do a presentation in their home community.

In November 2011 this committee, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, hosted a Personal Program Plan Workshop.   Everyone left the event feeling better equipped to advocate for themselves as parents, teachers, support staff and Administrators.  

People with Down Syndrome
This is our newest committee. This committee focuses on issues such as transitions, continued social inclusion, adult health issues, housing and employment.
The Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society is always looking for volunteers.  To get involved, please email .