New Parents - What You Need To Know

So you’ve learned that your baby has Down syndrome…

First of all, let us congratulate you on the addition to your family. Your son or daughter will enrich your life in so many ways.

The feelings that parents experience upon learning their child has Down syndrome are complicated. You may mourn the fact that your son or daughter may not live up to the dazzling future you envisioned for them, but the fact is that people with Down syndrome ARE accomplishing amazing feats. They are attending university, having successful careers, competing internationally in sports, contributing to the fine and performing arts… While it is important to be realistic, there is no need to set the bar low for your child.

Many people enter parenthood with the hopes of raising good kids who make positive contributions to society. Here, your son or daughter has enormous potential, and you have a rewarding role ahead of you in shaping their character.

Welcome to parenthood! You will not be disappointed.

"You have choices of accepting the situation or giving up. My daughter has taught me many lessons in her short nine years and I have become a better person for it."

- Shelley and Megan


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