A Mother’s View of WDSD

As World Down Syndrome Day approaches us, we have a message to share from a wonderful mother on her view of WDSD.

Laura Anderson is the mother to, two year old, Archie. Her, her husband, and sweet Archie live near Tompkins on their family ranch. When asked what World Down Syndrome Day means to Laura she responded with this:

I can remember our first time celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, it was a couple of years ago. I remember looking down at my beautiful little son and the flood of excitement, celebration, and pride washed over me as neighbours, family and friends sent pictures of their mismatched socks. “Socks for Archie” in their messages. Our little three month old boy, Archie, who was born with Down Syndrome, was sporting his own tiny wild socks that day to celebrate that our differences make us wonderful! His dad wore some showing out the top of his work boots to a bull sale, hoping it would start up a conversation. We had already learnt so much about Down Syndrome and couldn’t wait to share that with the world! World Down Syndrome Day is about starting conversations, bringing awareness, and mostly to celebrate individuals who have Down Syndrome! This year Archie and I will be going to the local school to visit with the kids about Down Syndrome, we will read a story, and do some baby sign language with them! We are also going painting with some other mamas and their kiddos with Down Syndrome. I feel very fortunate that we now know about WDSD and so do most of the people in our lives! We learnt about it and now celebrate it because we know and love someone who has Down Syndrome. What if one day the whole WORLD knew about World Down Syndrome Day and celebrated it whether they know someone with Down Syndrome or not! Spread the word! Celebrate on 3-21!!



Thank you for sharing Laura and we look forward to celebrating WDSD on March 21!
Where ever you are and whatever you do please join us in celebrating this day! Spread the love and joy and bring awareness to the beauty of Down syndrome.
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