Inclusion Online Auction

We are kicking the year off with a bang!!

New Website and a new fundraiser!!  We are super excited to see what 2019 has in store for our organization and we hope that you will join us on the ride.

SDSS works towards full and total inclusion.  We educate, advocate and practically support parents, students and professionals.   It is the position of SDSS that Saskatchewan has the resources, teachers, aids and service providers necessary to meet the needs of all individuals, students and families and help transition Saskatchewan to a fully inclusive province. SDSS maintains that the professionals and paraprofessionals of Saskatchewan are fully equipped with the necessary tools and abilities and that they simply require further support and education to best put these skills to use.   SDSS will always believe in FULL inclusion and that inclusive communities are the best possible avenues for all people, not just individuals with Down syndrome.

February 11 our online auction will begin on Facebook. Follow the link below, after the instructions:

– Auction items will be in the Winter 2019 album. Items will also appear on the group wall if there has been recent activity.

– If you see an item you would like to bid on, simply write your bid in the comments BENEATH THE PHOTO (not the album). Please bid in $1 increments, but there’s nothing saying you can’t go up by more than $1 at a time!

START DATE: Feb 11th at 12 noon. Items will be posted prior to start date so you can start browsing but no bids before the start time will be considered)

BIDS CLOSE: Feb 25th at 8pm. We are going to be very strict so make sure your bidding fingers are swift!

HOW TO WIN: Facebook’s timestamp will be used to determine the time of the bids – any bids stamped 8pm/20:00 or later will be considered late and will not count.

WINNERS: We will notify the winner by tagging them in the photo of the item they have won.

PAYMENT: Payment is due by exact cash or e-transfer at the time of pick up. Please Send e-transfer to:

PICK UP: You will have until Feb 28th at 6:00pm to arrange pick up or delivery. If arrangements have not been made by that time, the person who bid the next highest will be the winner. If specific arrangements are made to pick up and you are a “no show” we will rebook your pick up one more time. If you are a “no show” a second time the person who bid the next highest will be the winner. Items are in Colonsay – out of town winners are responsible for paying shipping costs.

GIFT CERTS & CUSTOM ITEMS: For those items that are being custom made for the winner or are services (e.g., pedicure, photo session, etc.), payment must still be arranged by Feb 25th. We will notify the donor when payment has been received and arrangements for the actual delivery of the item or service can be determined privately between the donor and winner.



Happy Bidding!

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