Weyburn Group Home

A message from our Board of Directors in response to:


To the people in the Creeks neighbourhood in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Mayor of Weyburn, and
the City Councillor(s) who voted against the group home for individuals with disabilities – we’re
We’re sorry that you have such a narrow view of the value of a human being, that you feel like
people different than you, are an inconvenience.
We’re sorry that you may not have had the opportunity to get to know someone with different
abilities and count them as a friend, family member, or treasured coworker.
We’re sorry that you feel like a single solitary group home for people with physical or
intellectual disabilities will ruin your property value – because of course money is more
important than giving people dignity by assisting them to live with even a small amount of
independence from their families.
We’re sorry that your fears and ignorance towards people with disabilities is causing you to
believe these things in the first place. The evidence shows no impact on property values or
community safety. Instead, you’d have the opportunity to learn about the challenges differently
abled people face, and how passionate they are about contributing to their communities and
feeling accepted.
We ALL want to live our lives in peace, and build meaningful relationships with fellow
neighbours, coworkers, teachers, and families. We ALL have the right to live in any
neighbourhood we choose. We encourage your Mayor and entire City Council to spend some
time with people of diverse background in your community; and seek out organizations like
Creative Options Regina for insight into the communities in which they are a part of. You will
have an opportunity to broaden your perspective and see that everyone is deserving of dignity
and inclusion – regardless of a diagnosis or difference in ability.

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